Download Studentpro application from Play Store or Apple Store or click the link

1. Follow the instruction and go to login page. Login with your username and password provided by your classes or institute.

2. You will get mutiple option like Messages, Schedules, Performance, Attendances, Punches, Assignments, Documents, Admissions, etc.

 Below are the explanation of this options :

    A. Messages : Basically it is used to view messages received from Institute or Classes. This is not SMS.

    B. Schedules : In schedules you will able to see your schedule.


    C. Performance : Exams report will be visible on this page to check your performance.

    D. Attendances : Your all lecture attendance will be visible on this page which will be marked by your classes.

    E. Punches : Students are entering and exiting the premises, that time if they do biometric entry-exit then it will be visible on this page.

    F. Assignments : When the Faculty or User share any document with student then that will be visible on this page. Submitted and Not Submitted assignments will will appear.

    G. Documents : The documents which has been shared with students will be visible on this page.

    H. Admissions : Student can see for which course they have taken admission.

Note : Options are same in parents login also. Student can login in 1 device only at.