We provide you with Seven main kinds of reports, which contains sub-reports in them. Please refer below to know what all reports we provide:

1. Admissions

  • Overall Admissions: All the admission created will be shown in this report.
  • Discount: The total amount of discount that will be provided to students while taking admissions over the current year will be shown here.
  • Admission Expiry: Expiry information for every admission will be listed in this report.
  • Additional Fees: The additional amount along with course fees.
  • Coursewise Admissions: This will provide pie chart view of the admissions.

2. Fees

  • Outstanding Fees: All the students outstanding fees will be shown for the current month.
  • Overdue Fees: Students whose fees are due from several days or months will be tracked here.
  • Fees Received: Fees that will be received for the current month will be tracked and the total amount of fees collected will be shown here.
  • Fees Cleared: Fees which was due and cleared now.
  • Fees Installments: To check the pending fees installments.
  • Taxes:  All taxes applied to fees collected will be tracked and the total amount of tax collected will be shown.
  • Cheques: Track all the uncleared, cleared and bounced cheque information in this panel.
  • Fee Receipts: Every fee receipt issued will be shown here, also the deleted fee receipts will be tracked here.
  • Refunds: Fees amount which has been refunded.

3. Enquiry

  • Enquiries: All the enquiries added will be tracked along with their status.
  • Enquiries Closed: The number of enquiries converted to students will be tracked here for the current month.
  • Activities: Task completed by each user will be calculated and a performance metric will be shown.
  • Source: A pie chart will be shown based on different sources from which you are receiving enquiries.
  • Loss Reason: A pie chart will be shown based on the enquiries which are not getting converted to students due to multiple loss reasons.
  • Web Enquiries: Get the count of the enquiries received from web platform.

4. Faculty Salary

  • Salary: Report will be provided based on the number of lectures conducted for the current month.
  • Batch Schedules: Check the time spent for lectures as per Batch or Subject or Faculty.

5. Batch Performance

  • Batch Performance: Detailed report with a pie chart based on student performance for a particular batch will be shown. The Performance will be calculated based on the exam marks obtained by the student.
  • Batch Attendance: Detailed report with a pie chart based on student attendance for a particular batch will be shown. The Attendance will be calculated based on the Lectures attended by the student.
  • Topic Completion: Get details of the completed topic as per the subject.
  • Batch Assignment: Get data of the students with whom assignment has been shared.

6. Expense

  • Expense: Overall Expense for the current month will be shown in this panel.
  • Categories: Expenses incurred based on different categories such as salary and transportation etc. will be tracked.
  • Vendors: Expenses associated with different vendors will be tracked in this report.

7. Biometric

  • Student Punches: Get the details of the students punches report.
  • Faculty Punches: Faculty punches report with biometric.
  • Students: Check the enabled or disabled notification through SMS, Email and Application for student.
  • Faculties: Biometric notification details of every faculty.