Step 1: After selecting a particular branch, click on 'Students' icon on the main menu. Choose the 'New Student' option as shown below.

Step 2: A page will appear as shown.You need to fill in the details/ particulars of the student to record information. 

     Step 3: Add guardian details by clicking on ‘New Guardian’. Fill the Guardian details and click on save. (In case you want to add one more Guardian details, follow the New Guardian steps again.) After this click Next. On Admission Details page, select course, check payment details and Save.

Step 4: On Payment Details, pay the amount. Pay the full amount or pay in instalment.

                Make full Payment - Click on the ‘Pay’ and make the full payment.

Payment pop-up will come up where you have to fill the amount details and Save.

                    Pay in instalment - Click on 'Reconfigure Instalments'.

On Configure Instalments pop up, fill the amount how much the student is paying currently and write next number of instalments. Click on ‘Preview Instalment’.

On next page select date when the instalment will receive. Review all and Save. Click on ‘Next’ once the payment details filled.

Step 5:  On ‘Batch Details’ page, select the batch and finish.